Why is sitemap important for a website

Sitemap is an XML document that usually contains all the links of the website that you want the world to see.

When a search engine crawls your website, the first thing it does is, it checks the robots.txt and sitemap.xml file on your website. sitemap.xml file helps search engines navigating all the urls available on website without going through all the website pages and look for urls on each page.

If the website have sitemap page available, then that website get listed on search engines faster as compared to those which doesn’t have one.

How to upload the sitemap on website

Following are the steps to generate and upload the sitemap on your website.

  1. Visit website https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/. Enter your website domain and click on start.
  2. After it complete and your sitemap gets generated, download the xml version of it.
  3. Then, upload it in the root directory where your website files are uploaded. Usually its the ‘public_html’ folder. After upload, verify if its accessible through your domain like www.example.com/sitemap.xml
  4. Update your robots.txt file. At the end of the file, add the following line.
    Sitemap: http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml
    Don’t forget to replace the domain with your actual domain.
  5. Visit the google search console and add your website there. If you have already added your website on search console, then you can skip this step.
  6. Now, open the “Sitemaps” page in google search console and submit your sitemap.xml file.

That’s all. You are done. Let me know if you have any queries in comments.

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