Difference between On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a technique to increase the authenticity of your website and improving its ranking on various search engines like google, Bing. SEO includes two parts i.e. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Now let’s see the difference between the two.

On-page SEO

On page SEO includes optimizations that are related to your website coding. These are usually implemented by the developer who developed your website. There are lots of things included in on-page SEO example:

  • Adding meta tags
  • Adding proper headings and image alt tags
  • Use of proper keywords
  • Putting your website on google search console
  • Fixing issues like canonicalization, https, page speed, mobile responsiveness and duplicate content
  • Having proper call to actions
    and more…

Off-page SEO

Off page SEO includes tasks which are outside the scope of coding. It is done usually on other websites. It again contains lots of things inside it like:

  • Blog posting
  • Directory submissions
  • Social media Optimization
  • Bookmarking
  • Press release
  • Info graphics
    and more…

SEO is implemented properly if the developer takes care of things while starting your website development project. There are few tasks that can only be done during the development phase. And if the developer misses that, then it can’t be fixed. So, make sure you ask your developer to make your website SEO friendly. I, as a web developer, always take care of that in all my projects.

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